We can facilitate Basic or Enhanced disclosures within the travel sector dependent on the specific circumstances and requirements of your company or organisation. For some travel providers not working with children or vulnerable adults the Basic disclosure will be sufficient, this can be provided to an individual applicant or can be facilitated by us on behalf of a company or organisation wanting to check their employees. For more information or to request a Basic application pack for an individual or a company contact us or complete the enquiry form on the right of the page.

Travel providers with drivers and/or employees working directly with and/or responsible for vulnerable parties during transit may be eligible for the higher level Enhanced level of check. This can be carried out via our paper processing system or our online system. For more information please contact us to discuss your requirements. You can find more information on the DBS guidelines for eligibility here.


NOTE: As an individual you can only apply for a Basic Disclosure. For a Standard or Enhanced Disclosure you will need to apply through your Company.