For most trade or contractor positions that do not take place on a regulated site (i.e. school or care home) or around vulnerable parties (i.e. children or vulnerable adults) the Basic criminal record check is sufficient. This will disclose all unspent convictions, cautions or reprimands and can be applied for by individuals wanting a certificate for themselves or by companies wanting to carry out checks on their employees. For more information please fill out our enquiry form on the right of the page or contact us.

Contractors working on regulated sites will be likely to need the high level Enhanced disclosure (without barred list checks) for working in the vicinity of vulnerable parties. This is a criminal record check against the Police National Computer showing all convictions, cautions and reprimands whether spent or unspent and a further search with the police force local to the applicant. There are certain DBS regulations and stipulations that must be adhered to when deciding if an applicant is eligible for this higher level of check, the DBS are very specific as to the job roles, time scales and places of work that are eligible.

If you are still uncertain after reading the guidelines in our PDF below then please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements in more depth.


NOTE: As an individual you can only apply for a Basic Disclosure. For a Standard or Enhanced Disclosure you will need to apply through your Company.