Sports and Leisure

Our expert advisers can help you decide the most relevant check for your needs in the sports and leisure sector whether you’re coaching the local football team, teaching a dance class or running a youth or community project, we’ve got you covered.

Some roles, although not legally obliged to conduct an Enhanced disclosure, will be eligible for this higher level of check. If vulnerable parties are in your care at the request of and/or in the presence of their parent or carer then it may be that you are not legally bound to obtain the enhanced check or to carry this level of check out on your employees, in these cases we can facilitate the basic disclosure on yourself or the people employed or volunteering within your company or organisation. For more information or to request a Basic application pack please contact us or fill out the enquiry form on the right of the page.

Some organisations working with children or vulnerable adults may choose to obtain the Enhanced level of disclosure for extra cover even if they are not legally obliged to do so. This is always dependent on the DBS’ eligibility stipulations, for advice please contact us or take a look at the DBS Guide at the foot of the page. These checks cannot be applied for by individual applicants, all applications must be applied for and evidence checked by the requesting organisation on behalf of the applicant.

Organisations wanting to carry out the Enhanced disclosure on applicants working with vulnerable on a voluntary basis can benefit from a reduction in the cost of the disclosure. Just our administration fee of £15 (VAT incl) is payable as the government charge of £44 is bypassed. For more information on the DBS’ definition of a volunteer please visit our Volunteers page.

Additional Resources

DBS Guide to Eligibility


NOTE: As an individual you can only apply for a Basic Disclosure. For a Standard or Enhanced Disclosure you will need to apply through your Company.