Safeguard Yourself Against IT and Data Fraud

By 17th April 2018DBS News
Managing Data - DBS Checks

A growing area of concern around employee fraud is information systems and data. You’ll probably be familiar with the new GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) coming into play May 1st 2018, but have you actually thought who has access within your company to data?

Fraud can occur across several areas such as selling data including customer information and price lists onto competitors or other external sources, manipulating data including increasing credit terms for suppliers, copying files when leaving the company and accessing data without appropriate authorisation.

Data is easy to transfer and manipulate, but it also leaves a digital trail. However, the challenge is identifying potential information and data fraud in the first place. A Basic DBS Check will assist you in mitigating any unnecessary risk whilst also meeting your requirements as an organisation against the General Data Protection Regulation.

Contact us now to start carrying out Basic DBS Checks with your current staff and don’t forget to build the Basic DBS Check into your recruitment process. It’ll be the best £40 you ever spend!