Safeguard your Stakeholders with a Basic DBS Check

By 6th April 2018DBS News
DBS checks for employees

Workplace abuse comes in many forms: violence, harassment, threatening or aggressive behaviour and bullying. The results can be devastating, with serious physical or psychological damage being far too common occurrences.

Not only can this lead to lost employees, driven to despair and quitting their position, but it can also cause legal backlash, as employees seek financial compensation for their grievance. Plus, people talk, and a workplace that allows for abuse is not one that is going to have the best reputation.

Workplace abuse isn’t just confined to internal relationships. Abuse can also take place across supplier and partner relationships and extend to staff partners.

A Basic DBS Check can assist in identifying any previous convictions or cautions across the board such as hate crimes (gender, racial, religion), theft, fraud, abuse etc. This can then be considered when employing an individual and increase transparency across the recruitment process.

Working with Contractors and Self-Employed

If you use contractors, consultants or anyone else who isn’t directly employed by your company, then think about requesting a Basic DBS Check as part of the tendering process. Contractors and the self-employed should be treated with the same due diligence as your general recruitment programme and by requesting a Basic DBS Check you are further safeguarding your business from any unnecessary risk.

Contact us now to start carrying out Basic DBS Checks with your current staff and contractors. Don’t forget to build the Basic DBS Check into your recruitment process. It’ll be the best £40 you ever spend!