Online DBS Checks

TotalCRB’s e-Bulk disclosure application service provides a faster, smoother application process reducing delays in getting your staff in post and eliminating errors when completing disclosure applications.

TotalCRB’s online service is completely paperless, the form is completed on line by the applicant, verified by your approved verifier and then once electronically countersigned by TotalCRB’s registered counter signatories is transferred via the internet directly onto the DBS’ IT system. This results in an error free much quicker application process cutting the time taken for the completion of the disclosure application and the applicant starting in their employment role.

Clients who wish to take advantage of TotalCRB’s e-Bulk service will receive the following:

  • Basic, Standard and/or Enhanced Disclosures completed as quickly as possible
  • Safe and secure access
  • Application progress checking
  • Application menu providing information on complete/incomplete applications
  • Application management showing the stage of each application
  • Clear Disclosure results in PDF format
  • Support from our team every step of the way

Advantages and benefits of using our online service:

  • Reduced application completion times
  • Receive DBS Adult First results within 72 hours
  • 0% rejected applications and minimal DBS enquiries
  • No postage costs

TotalCRB offers employers an e-Bulk DBS application system which we are confident is one of the fastest and simplest checking services available. Once you submit an electronic disclosure application it is automatically uploaded to the Disclosure & Barring Service system for processing.

Using TotalCRB’s e-Bulk service Standard DBS certificates are usually completed within 10-14 days. The DBS give a 2-8 weeks time frame for the completion and issue of an Enhanced DBS certificate. If you would like more information regarding current time restraints please contact us.*

*Completion times can increase if the applicant has a common name, has changed their name, have had multiple addresses or if they have had prior criminal convictions. Although we do see some enhanced disclosures go through in a matter of days, we would never guarantee anything outside of the 2-8 week guidelines set by the DBS due to parts of the process that are beyond our control.

Here at TotalCRB we are always happy to advise on eligibility and the levels of Disclosure that are available, we cannot however accept responsibility for your ultimate selection.


NOTE: As an individual you can only apply for a Basic Disclosure. For a Standard or Enhanced Disclosure you will need to apply through your Company.