Enhanced DBS disclosures delayed by police backlog

By 28th February 2016DBS News
Enhanced DBS disclosures delayed by police backlog.

Enhanced DBS disclosures see applications sent for additional information held by the police force local to the applicant at Stage 4. This is in addition to Stage 2’s check against the records held on the Police National Computer (PNC).  As many of you may know, the Met police have been experiencing an extreme backlog of applications at stage 4.

Before Christmas the DBS’ automated helpline message stated that applications being checked by the Met police could be delayed by up to 14 weeks, 38 days over the usual 60 day period given for stage 4. On return from Christmas, the newly adjusted message stated this delay had now increased to 18 weeks. This must be highly frustrating for the Met police as well as our clients and applicants.

Below are a few facts on Enhanced DBS disclosures and the frustrations of stage 4:

Stages 1 to 3 are usually completed in a matter of days.

Stage 1, form registration, is usually completed within 3-5 days of our submission to the DBS. From here the form quickly progresses through stage 2, the PNC check and stage 3, checks against the Child and/or Adult Barred lists (if applicable) before being sent onto the local police force.

The local police forces have 60 days to complete stage 4.

Once TotalCRB have submitted a form to the DBS unfortunately we have no control over the application’s progress. We cannot intervene by submitting an escalation request until these 60 days have expired.

If an application has exceeded 60 days at stage 4 we can raise an escalation/chaser request.

This actions a 14 day chaser by the DBS to the local police force to accelerate the application and gain more information about its location (The DBS will not release any information regarding the police force until after the 14 days have expired).

If there’s no movement after 14 days the DBS will release the details of the police force.

The address or email contact will be provided meaning applicants can contact the police force regarding the delay. The DBS will then continue to chase the police force on a weekly basis.

In extreme circumstances and excessive delays there is a higher level of escalation.

Although most applications do not get to this stage of urgency, the DBS will occasionally issue a high level priority chaser.

TotalCRB will track your application, intervene and liaise with the DBS throughout any delays.

Although our hands are tied during parts of the process , we’re committed to supporting our clients to the best of our ability. Whether this is raising chasers and escalations, advising or just logging multiple queries with the DBS. We’re there every step of the way. Please click here for more information on disclosure types or contact us.